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A portion of our books are sold on-site in our Retail Store.  Stop by and check out our current inventory.  We are open M-F 9am-5pm and Sat 10am-5pm


Three times a year we open our warehouse for an Inventory Reduction Sale.  Our next Warehouse Sale will be held August 4-6, 2016 from 9am-5pm


We post our most valuable books for sale on the internet.  Booksavers advertises nearly 30,000 titles for sale on,, eBay, and 

Mennonite Central Committee


MCC is a global, non-profit organization that strives to share God's love and compassion for all through relief, development and peace.


In all our programs, we are committed to relationships with our local partners and churches.


As a Christian organization, we strive to make peace part of everything we do.  When responding to disasters we work with local groups to distribute resources in ways that minimize conflict.  In our development work we plan with community and church groups to make sure projects meet their needs.  And we advocate for policies that will lead to a more peaceful world.  

Recycled Books

Great Prices

Global Impact

Booksavers of Maryland is a not-for profit organization that accepts donated books to be reused or recycled.  We resell quality books online and in our retail store.  We recycle paper and cardboard from books deemed not suitable for resale.  We keep thousands of unwanted books out of landfills each year.   


We first opened shop in the basement of a local thrift store.  I still remember bringing in those first loads of books saying, "Now what do we do?"


Booksavers was started in 1996 by Leo Martin.  He encouraged a local Ten Thousand Villages store to begin collecting donated books that could then be resold.  Martin was Resource Coordinator for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).  MCC is a worldwide ministry of churches that share God's love and compassion for all in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice.  Proceeds from Booksavers go to support the work of MCC in more than 50 countries, including US and Canada.  They carry out disaster relief, sustainable community development and justice and peace-building.     



13625 Pennsylvania Ave.

Hagerstown, MD 21742


Store Hours

M-F 9am-5pm

Sat 10am-5pm


Donation Hours

M-F 9am-3pm


TEL: 301-665-1525


Alibris and ebay


We only have a few items listed for sale on, but you can scroll through them using the link below.  


Or search from our storefront here.



Donate your unwanted textbooks, children's reading books, adult novels, school supplies, cardboard, newspaper and clothing.


We will gladly accept your donation M-F 9am-3pm.  (Please, no moldy, mildewed or water damaged books.)  Books that are deemed worthy will be resold.  Books that do not sell are cut up and the paper is baled for recycling.  Every Booksavers book makes a profit in some way.

We will also accept your donations of cardboard or newspaper, as long as they are sorted and not mixed in with other materials.

We are proud to announce we have started a used clothing recycling program.  Used clothing can be dropped off in the drop-box in the parking lot at the front of our retail store. 

If you have a question about a donation, please call us. 



If you'd like to search our online inventory of books, this link will take you to our storefront.  From there you can search by author, title, keyword, etc.  Just remember to make sure you are searching on the page with the Black Booksavers banner at the top.  If you do an Advanced Search you will be searching all of 



Use the following link to search our products on  Click on the Products tab and you will be given a new search bar.  You can search by title, author, keyword, ISBN, etc.  The easiest way to find out if we have a title is to use the book's International Standard Book Number (ISBN).  Every book has a unique ISBN.  If you know your book's ISBN it is a lot quicker and simpler than scrolling through long lists. 

Proceeds from your donation or book purchase support relief, development, and peace efforts in the US and around the world.  Thank you for your suport.

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